Welcome to Advanced Technology Diving & Marine Services Ltd

A-TECH DMS has been providing Diving / safety boat and pontoon hire / professional marine construction and land based civil engineering services since 2004. We take the time to learn what is important to our customers. We are greatly experienced in working as the Principal Contractor; and are able to provide a full, in house construction service. A-TECH DMS are also fully able to work as a sub-contractor for large civil engineering and the construction industry, who approach A-TECH DMS for marine expertise and the use of our specialist marine and land-based equipment.

A-TECH DMS as a company, take pride in our work ethic, and always put our customer first. We aim to complete every project to the customer’s complete satisfaction. A-TECH DMS Ltd offer a wide range of water based management services from a one off  to annual contracts, depending on the requirements of the client. The specialised skills of our staff allow us to work in many challenging environments; Our staff are fully trained for working in and around water.

Our Services

Safety & Work Boats

  • Safety Boat charter (crewed)
  • Fast Response safety boats
  • Shallow water & difficult access safety boat hire
  • Boats equipped to meet your bespoke requirements
  • Work Boat Crewed

Pontoon Hire

  • Work platforms
  • Scaffold & site access
  • Temporary jetties
  • Survey & sampling platforms
  • Viewing platforms
  • Filming & camera platforms

Diving Services

  • Diving Inspections & recovery
  • Anode installation
  • Slipway repairs and installations
  • Bridge and culvert inspection
  • Fender installation
  • Cathodic protection

River Maintenance

  • Marine piling
  • Scour and river bank protection
  • River bank vegetation management
  • Quay and mooring installation maintenance
  • Marine dredging

Our Projects

A-Tech DMS were recently contacted by IWS and Essex and Suffolk water to carry out repairs to a river bank on the Blackwater River. The riverbank had been washed away and the roadway to the museum of power was at risk of collapse. We were instructed to steel sheet pile along one section and build a gabion basket wall on the return section and then reinstate the bank fencing and the bridge. The project was completed in time and on budget. Positive feedback was received from both the client and public.

  • all
  • Safety Boats
  • Pontooons
  • River Management
  • Diving

Our Clients

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