River & Watercourse Management

  • River Bank vegetation management

  • Invasive weed management

  • Tree management (Fallen tree removal)

  • River bank planting

  • River bank erosion control

  • Sluices gate management and maintenance

  • Bridge maintenance

  • Trash screen management

  • Spot dredging

  • Marine Piling

Sediment and silt naturally build up on a daily basis within any canal, lake, stream, river or pond. This build-up of material can result in a number of issues including; decreased navigation of the waterways, restriction of flood water draining from the surrounding land and urban areas and cause harm to the environment and wildlife. Furthermore, nutrients in silt cause weeds to grow and starve the water of oxygen. It can also be a health hazard, leading to blue green algae and other contaminants.

​​A-TECH DMS (safety boats uk) offer a range of dredging and de-silting services for the removal of sediment from a variety of watercourses, including canals, rivers, lakes, ditches, moats and marina’s using a range of innovative methods from small road transportable suction dredgers, floating excavators and barges through to long reach equipment operated from the banks. All tailored to meet your project requirements. We offer a full project management service, which covers:

​Silt and sediment disposal

  • Land restoration
  • Specialist plant and equipment
  • Skilled operators

Once the material has been removed we can deal with the wet sludge in a number of different ways,

​Ourcutter suction dredge can pump material to settling lagoons

  • The wet sludge can be removed from site for disposal
  • The dredged sedimentcan be spread in it’s wet format over agricultural land

​​ We can also offer full ecology services through our working relationships with other companies as well as full site and hydrological surveys to assist with your project requirements.


As professional marine piling contractors, we will help you identify the best options for a solution to the issues, based on years of experience as a provider of marine piling in all types of environments and locations, including steel sheet piling installations or timber and recycled material pilings.